Total Quality Management

Arkan ensures quality of services through three main pillars.

  • Processes and Systems
  • People
  • Training and Development


Processes and Systems

Our clients’ safety and security are ensured through robust Processes and Systems, aligned to industry standards and best practices.

Our security processes, aligned to British Standards and ISO requirements, enables the standardization of our processes and operations, while at the same time tailoring the security solutions to the client’s security risk profile and requirements.

Our security services operate 24/7 ensuring that there is never a moment when you or your valuables are not under our attention. Through our accredited standard operating procedures, reporting mechanisms and structured quality inspection & audit programs, we ensure that your assets and information are in safe custody.

We undertake periodic security risk assessments and advise our clients on strategies to enhance safety and security at their premises.

We work closely with the local authorities to implement safety and security standards that complement the country’s security policies and standards.



Our people ensure the safety and security of our clients as well as achieve our business objectives.

Arkan is known to have one of the best operational recruitment processes in the region. To meet its recruitment criteria, Arkan’s selected security officers must fall within the 25-40 age group; possess experience in the security industry or law-enforcing authorities; have good communication skills; and undergo proper security and background checks.

Arkan is the first company in Dubai to develop a ranking system for security officers, comprising of five ranks. The move aims to expand career opportunities for security officers, starting from Junior Security Officers to Senior Supervisors.


Training and Development

Our people are equipped with knowledge, expertise and appropriate tools to deliver security solutions.

A close observation of the security industry revealed a need for appropriately trained security personnel with relevant security background and experience who are provided with highest levels of living and working environments and who fully understand customer requirements.

Training is one of the most critical focus areas for Arkan within its business strategy. We have a dedicated Learning & Development function that focuses on establishing training programs, standards and training plans that cover all employees in Arkan.

Our Training Programs

  • 145 Culture of Discipline
  • Customer Service
  • Communications
  • Dubai Protective Systems Licensing
  • First Aid
  • Lifeguarding
  • Site/Post Specific Training
  • Quality Training
  • CPR